RCB Folding Electric Scooter

 Electric Scooter For Kids


Folding Electric Scooter


For children 12mph Max Speed




Waterproof Recommended Riding


Age - 6+ Compact and flexible


adjustable Handlebars




The full scooter is covered, including the electronics and battery, for 1 years from purchase.


Battery: lithium ion, 25.2V, 5.0AH
Max Mileage: 12-16 km  
Max. Speed: 20 km 
Max. Load: 80 kg.
Motor: 5.5”/ 150W
Charging time: 6h
Climbing gradient: <10 degrees
Tire size: 5.5 inch non-slip tire
Braking: electronic braking   
Folding size: 850 x 265 x 440mm

​Product Description

  • "Compact and flexible design" - The electric scooter is adjustable and foldable, you can easily to use and storage it. Weighs 7.5kg, carry the children electric scooter without any efforts.

  • "Solid Tires" - The 5.5-inch tires are solid and treads on the surface will guarantee a strong grip on the ground in all conditions: in the rain, in the presence of mud, or even when you encounter small obstacles in your way.

  • "Safe braking"- You will find double braking methods, which combines an electronic brake on the front wheel with a physical brake on the rear wheel, which guarantees driving safety.

  • "Reflective Sticker" -It has a reflective sticker on the front axle for people to pay attention to you during night riding.

  • IP54 Waterproof rating