8" & 10" Drifter Hoverboards



Tested & Verified 100% Safe



More Colours Available

DRIFTER Race out of the house & down the drive with Our 8” Drifter Swegway! Flashy, multi-coloured LEDs & some super-slick finishes to choose from definitely make this our ‘see-and-be-seen’ hoverboard!

Ride in style with Bluefin’s racey 8” Drifter: The 8” Drifter is the board for advancing riders aiming to cover more types of ground with extra-flash. An eye-catcher with its unique streamlined design & arc of multi-coloured LEDs, the Drifter is the definitive ‘see-and-be-seen’ hoverboard. The hypersensitive gyro-sensors make it an excellent choice for growing hoverboarders closer to 20kg while enabling it to turn on a knife’s edge for full-sized riders. Show off with your own little rally car on 2 horizontal wheels!

COBRA Tackle tougher, steeper terrain with ease on Our 10” Cobra swegway! Riders of all sizes will enjoy the suspension-like feel of the Cobra’s inflatable tyres as they comfortably conquer wilder, dry terrain. A mega 10” ground clearance allows the Cobra to easily dominate grassy fields & angled surfaces. The Cobra is our largest & most versatile board offering a steeper climbing gradient & the highest weight limit possible while maintaining hypersensitive gyro-sensors that can also easily accommodate pint-sized hoverboarders too. Make mince of tough & dry terrain with Bluefin’s 10” Cobra.

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